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Parfait Bassalé

Artist + Reconciler + Belonging Strategist

"My life journey as an immigrant has helped me understand what it feels like to be an outsider: the man standing at the door and on the margin of spaces. I have learned that for a place to become home, people need more than an invitation. Instead, people need to heal from their trauma via relational proximity, compassion and honesty; feel connected, cared for and involved in co-creating a shared experience."

The Mission

Help individuals and organizations create a culture of belonging 

With this clear but simple mission, Parfait Bassalé is known for making a memorable impact. His unique approach that combines storytelling, interpersonal neuroscience, music and reflexive inquiry helps individuals and organizations find solutions for greater equity and belonging for everyone.


The Challenges We Solve

  • Blind spots that get in the way of belonging;

  • Resistance to Diversity and Equity initiatives;

  • Uncertainty about what steps to take next with a diversity initiative;

  • Confusion and frustration related to DEI work.

The Transformation We Ignite

Through multisensory experiences that involve interpersonal neuroscience, storytelling and reflexive inquiry, you can expect:

  • Transformative awareness,

  • More people joining the conversation and,

  • Proven strategies and tools to transform your organization


Our Grounding Values

  1. We believe that we must always meet people where they are and as they are.

  2. We believe that relationships are as important as issues.

  3. We believe that relationships are the vehicle through which healing and transformation occur.

  4. We believe that we must involve those most impacted when finding solutions.

Rows of Pillars

Parfait provides a unique perspective and innovative approach to discussions that further diversity, equity, and belonging.  His style of engagement works with everyone from the CEO to the newly hired line-staff.

Doug Mah, Former Mayor of Olympia

In the Press

Articles and Profiles

Fist Bump with Coach
Parfait High School_edited.jpg

Student debt relief is good. But there is still more we need to do!

September 18, 2022

"Nineteen states across the country currently offer free community college. It is a proven policy with proven results. Free community college will not only give more students across the state access to a higher education, it will help the state economically. Washington should become the 20th state to enact the policy."

Olympia city council appoints 11 to new social justice and equity commission

April 20, 2022


Olympia City Council on Tuesday unanimously approved the appointment of 11 inaugural members of the Social Justice and Equity Commission.

Portland’s Parfait Bassalé uses the arts to teach empathy


May 17, 2017

The musician from West Africa has a unique style of music and storytelling aimed at inspiring a better understanding of others

Parfait Bassalé & Migrations

January 24, 2015

Dmae profiles guitarist and singer Parfait Bassalé who is about to debut his new EP of original songs. Originally from West Africa, Bassale weaves joyous guitar melodies with his intricate vocals. He often sings about his experiences and introspections of immigrant dreams and daily life

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