"The better you understand the complexities and imperfections within your own story, the more you begin to expect nuances and imperfections in others'" -Parfait Bassalé



Helping individuals and organizations build relational bridges.

Through artful facilitation, interpersonal neuroscience, and powerful storytelling, Parfait demystifies empathy as a construct and helps audiences identify ways they can become active players in fostering belongingness. ​He has worked with thousands of youth, educators and professionals across the globe. 



The key to belonging

To foster belonging, three conditions must be met. First, service providers within communities must be empathetic and supportive towards all community members. Second, community members with a lived history of traumatic marginalization must be aware of their own trauma and be on a path towards healing and resiliency. Third, the spaces where these parties interact must be intentionally designed for accessibility and safety for all.

Simply put, to achieve belongingness, empathy towards self and empathy towards others are a must.

Further unpacking of the way empathy works, indicates that "the better you understand the complexities and imperfections within your own story, the more you begin to expect nuances and imperfections in others'". Hence, the first step towards empathy, the cornerstone of belongingness starts with introspection.


"I have been the man standing at the door of spaces a good chunk of my life. I did not have words to describe it. Often, I was not invited or felt that I wasn't welcomed. At times, I chose not to enter. It took a bridge builder to notice me, invite me in and create space for me to  jumpstart a process of healing.
The insight from this experience now fuels my passion to help people become bridge builders.”


Parfait Bassalé



Parfait Bassalé is the consummate storyteller, educator and performer. With expertise and experience in interpersonal neurobiology and empathy his talks and workshops are engaging, informational and inspirational.


Memorable & Inspiring

Parfait Bassalé  inspires audiences with a heartfelt message and music about the journey to belonging.


Engaging & Insightful

Parfait provides transformational and multi-sensory workshops on what it takes to belong and to create cultures that foster belonging.


Get Ready to Take Action

Parfait Bassalé works with individuals and organizations to implement effective EDI initiatives.



Parfait Bassalé provides professional speaking and coaching services for a variety of exceptional partners. Learn more about who Parfait has worked with below, and get in touch to book your own speaking or coaching engagement.

Washington State Board of Education

Washington State Department of Labor & Industries

Northwest Public Employees Diversity Conference

2020 Washington State Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Summit

US State Department: Young African Leaders Initiative

Thurston Regional Planning Council

Experience Olympia & Beyond

Multnomah County

Mercy Corps

Portland State University

Seattle Children's Hospital

University of Oregon

Beaverton School District

Portland Public Schools

Edmonds Community College

Clark College

Portland Community College

Multnomah County library

South Puget Sound Community College

Reality Church

Tumwater Fire Department

Association of International Schools in Africa

Le Monde French Immersion Public Charter School

Bonneville Federal Power Plant

Parfait would love to collaborate with you - get in touch!


Audience Testimonials

With a unique ability to connect with each and every audience, Parfait is an effective communicator and well-renowned speaker. Take a look below to see actual testimonials from previous audiences.


Wayne Scott, Therapist

OK, let me get the main news out there right away: He sings. Not just sings, but sings beautifully. And it's connected to his overall message of increasing empathy, dismantling otherness, and spreading peace. At Multnomah County we heard about Parfait first through word-of-mouth, the employee buzz, and people asking us, "Can you get Parfait to do a workshop here?" We set him up to do two on "Transforming Otherness through Empathy," and they immediately filled up with wait lists, and we added three more. The response has been enthusiastic. Parfait has a unique skill set: deep knowledge about the neurobiology of otherness and empathy and what gets in the way of people being more compassionate and the magical tool of his music, which touches people's hearts, shifts thinking, and really moves them. I recommend him to any organization with enthusiasm.


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