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Find below a list of training & workshop topics that are essential to a successful diversity initiative.

  1. The Why and What of Belonging

  2. The How of Belonging:

    • Interpersonal barriers to belonging

    • Recognizing and responding to interpersonal micro-aggressions

    • Systemic barriers to belonging (microaggressions and Othering)​

  3. Transforming Othering through Empathy

  4. Collaborating Effectively and Engaging Conflict Constructively

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Leadership Package

As a leader, it is critical that you go through the following modules to set yourself and your organization up for success. Depending on where you are on the journey, we can customize this package for you. 

  1. Diversity, Equity & Belonging Primer: Understanding the Why and the How

  2. Fostering a culture of Belonging

  3. Reviewing and Designing Systems for Belonging

  4. Strategic Planning for Belonging

  5. Process & Policy Review for Belonging

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