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Understanding, Uncovering & Dismantling Bias

Although in recent years the construct of "Implicit bias" has become a buzz word, attitudes and senses of urgency when it comes to identifying and dismantling biases, more often than not, reflect a myopic understanding of their pervasive and corrosive impact on societal systems.

The fact is, our socialization within racist, sexist, ethnocentric, homophobic, transphobic, islamophobic systems (to name a few), makes us carriers of assumptions, attitudes, reflexes and behaviors that sustain these ideologies. As a result we often stand in  the way of our own stated values and desires to achieve inclusion and champion equity.

  • Understand the origins, neuroscience and impact of bias

  • Understand the importance of dismantling bias

  • Identify your own biases and practice approaches to begin dismantling these biases

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