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Open Letter to Talauna Reed and Alesha Perkins

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Hello Talauna and Alesha,

I do not know either one of you, but the public conflict surrounding Talauna's appointment to the Olympia School District Board is hurting our community and diverting focus from our children. As a parent with two children at the district, I felt compelled to engage you both publicly and appeal to your senses.

Talauna, thank you for your commitment to continually serve our community even though your life story is being put under a microscope. I can only imagine how painful it is to be defined by your past actions when very little to no consideration is being given to the circumstances that influenced such actions. Many in our community understand that we are all fallible and capable of making bad decisions when it comes to survival; It is just a matter of how hot the pressure cooker is. That’s why I commend you for your resilience and applaud your strength.

Talauna, no matter the hurt caused by the Police as an institution to you personally and the Black community at large historically, it is